Our great sages and polymaths perfected the art and the science of astrology in ancient times. As such astrology has witnessed continuous development and proliferated into many branches and divisions, all of which are equal in importance. Gemmology or the scientific and ethnic study of gemstones is an important and integral part of applied astrology. It is so popular among the Indian public that no one is certain as to when it had actually come into practice. Use of precious gems and stones has been an ancient practice in India. Some people believe that it is one or two thousand years old science while others maintain that science and art of gemmology originated about five or ten thousand years ago. Scriptural evidences however show that concept of gemmology is as old as the creation itself. A very famous hymn says:


Apart from many kinds of weapons, Lord Vishnu bears Kaustubha Mani (a gem named Kaustubh) on his chest. This gem is most dear to Him. This hymn shows that even before the whole universe came into being, Lord Vishnu did have an existence and the gem Kaustubh also existed along with Him.

During medieval period also, various scholars shed light on the science of gemmology. They authored many great scriptures as well. Acharya Varahmihir was the most prominent of those great scholars. A scripture Vrihat Samhita written by Varahmihir still has a wide recognition among the gemologists. It has a whole chapter, Ratnadhyay devoted to the comprehensive description of the gemstones. Among Puranas, Agnipurana contains exhaustive description about gemmology.

In modern era also, countless scholars are continuously working with dedication in the field of gemmology. Thanks to their efforts that the science of gemmology is scaling new heights.

    In the present discussion, we shall try to find out:

  1. What are gems?
  2. Is wearing a stone mere superstition or it really bears fruit?
  3. What is the chemical composition of the gemstones?
  4. In what circumstances should the gemstones be worn?
  5. In which circumstances should the gemstones not be worn?
  6. Which person should wear which stone?
  7. Which person should not wear which stone?
  8. How did the gemstones originate as per the religious scriptures of India?
  9. Stones of which planets can be worn together?
  10. Do the gemstones have medicinal use also? What is the gemopathy?
  11. What are the 6 jewels and how did they originate?
  12. How can the gems and jewels be classified?
  13. What is the total number of the gemstones and what are their names?

Let us first try to understand what a gem is. We are all familiar with the adjective use of the words gem, jewel etc. Any dear one or prominent one is addressed as a 'gem' or 'jewel' in colloquial terms. Similarly anything that is rare in qualities, availability or virtues is also referred to as a gem or jewel. But literally, a gem is something that has been dug out from earth or deep sea and has many rare but miraculous qualities. A gem is unique and often rare because of its specific composition. It may differ in effects, colour, tinge and hues. Similarly, prices of the same stone, may also vary with slight difference in appearance.

All the gems and jewels however have one thing in common i.e. their hue. A jewel has a distinct hue that differentiates it from the rest of the commonly available materials. Our learned sages have described eighty-four different kinds of gems and jewels among which nine are most important. Because of it, titles like Navratna (nine most precious gems) came into practice. But being superior in designation does not mean that the remaining seventy-five gems are totally worthless or not in common use. They too have their distinct appearance, beauty, hues and effects and are important accordingly. Their uses are also wide and varied such as personal beautification, adornment, house building, idol construction, exhibition of wealth and luxury etc. Thus, there are totally eighty-four gems and jewels of which nine are main (or more popular) and seventy-five are less popular.

Though there are different classes and categories of the gems that distinguish them from one another, but gemstones belonging to the same category resemble one another to a great extent with slight variations in hues and appearance.

Some of the stones have uniform colours like yellow, green, red, blue, violet, black or golden while many have a mixed hue of different colours. Each gem has its own importance. Regardless of category, a gemstone is priced according to its beauty, brilliance, appearance and purity. Lacking these qualities, a gemstone has no worth in the eye of a connoisseur. Diamond, sapphire, topaz, emerald and ruby belong to the category of most precious stones. All of them have their distinct chemical composition and are priced accordingly.

  1. Gemstones are harder than ordinary stones.
  2. Gemstones are more brighter and smoother than ordinary stones.
  3. Distinct hue is the main feature of a gemstone.
  4. Usually, each gemstone radiates rays similar to its colour.
  5. Radiation effect of the gemstones is controlled and affected by the light and rays of the planets and group of stars situated in space.
  6. Gemstones have both positive and negative capacities.
  7. A particular gemstone prescribed for a particular planet receives the rays from that planet and facilitates them to enter our body.

Gem-Therapy is a common branch of Astrology and "Ayurveda" the oldest medical system of the world. Knowledge of Astrology is essential for the medical practitioners of Ayurveda in India. Now a days it is also a part of alternative therapy like telepathy, magnet therapy, homeopathy, Electro homeopathy etc.

"Ras Ratna Samuchchaya" is the one of them, which is about the chemistry of Ayurveda, written thousand years ago. Its fourth chapter is about the quality, properties, selection, preparation of medicine by gems and their application in various health troubles.

How Gems cure?

In all the branch or system of medical science NATURE is the only original source of medicine. All the medicines derived from plants, herbs, minerals, sea and all the natural sources.

Gems are mineral products (Pearl and Corel are bio-product). They have not only some chemical properties but also some energy. Because they are formed in the womb of mother earth. High magnetic field, Electro-magnetic field and other energies are there due to high revolutionary velocity of earth and resultant energy field of universe, radiated from other planets and stars. These energies are stored as a potential energy in the product of earth. Is man not using Coal, Petroleum products for al his energy needs ? We are running in the era of atomic energy. The source of atomic energy is Uranium, Thorium and other radio-active elements. What is the source of these radio-active elements? Only the mother earth.

What are Human being and other live?

A combine form of mater (The body) and energy (The life). What else after the death? Only body. The life, the energy leaves the body. From where live bodies received this energy, the life? Modern science is still can't say about this. But the enceinte Indian science Astrology believe that from The Universe we gain the Life, and energy for.

Life. When our energy weeks, we become sick and go for medical aids. Medicine and treatment help us to cure. Modern medical science is now taken the help of energy i.e., X-ray, ultra-violet, infra-red,ultra-sound, laser rays, alpha, beta, gamma radio-active rays etc.

Gems are also good conductors of cosmic energy, they works as a receiver and transmit this energy in our body. This energy helps us to prevent and cure from disease.

There are 9 planet in Vedic astrology, The Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu. Precious and semi precious stones have power of good receiver of these planets energy, i.e., Ruby of the Sun, pearl of the Moon, Red Coral of Mars, Emerald of Mercury, Diamond of Venus, Yellow topaz of Jupiter, Blue sapphire of Saturn, Gomed of Rahu and Cat's eye of Ketu.

Each planet signify a specific system / organ of our body, as per horoscope of individual, and effect them.

Only a practitioner having sound knowledge of Astrology, Medical astrology, Gems, Anatomy, Physiology may suggest the correct gem for prevention and assist to cure disease.

After so many years of research in this field I achieved great success to cure many disease. i.e. Cancer, Blood-cancer, diabetes, liver-pancreas trouble, skin-disease and allergy, acne-pimples, hyper and hypo thyroid, migraine, kidney stone, high/ low blood pressure, arthritis, impotency, menstruation trouble, Harmon trouble etc.

If you are suffering from any diseases, you may consult me for the Medical astrology and Gem-Therapy with required Birth-Data and details of disease.

Every thing in this universe is composed of Seven Rays of colour. We can see these rays in Rainbow. We can say Meghadhanusha - VIBGYOR-rays. VIBGYOR RAYS means combination of VIOLET, INDIGO, BLUE, GREEN, YELLOW, ORANGE & RED. Through a Prism one can find or see these COSMIC rays. Ancient Indian text, the "KURMA PURANA", the seven planets are to be seen as condensations of the seven cosmic rays.

It was understood that on our planet Earth the greatest condensation of the cosmic rays is to be found in natural gem stones. Chart shows you the Metal, Chakra, Planets, Cosmic Colour, Primary Gems, Sanskrit Name & Alternative Gems (Secondary Gems) & Zodiac Sign as per Hindu system of astrology. Gem stone therapy should not be deemed the practise of medicine and should not be viewed as a sabstitute for consultations with your physician or other health care professional.

Planets Main
Metal Sanskrit
Moon Rashi / Sun Sign*
Chakra in
Seven Plexus
Violet Saturn Spritually Divine Sterling, Silver or Gold Nilam Blue Sapphire Amethyst blue Spinel Makar
Indigo (Deep Blue) Venus Intuition Gold Vajra Diamond White Sapphire, White Zircon Vrishabha
3rd eyes
Blue (Light) Jupiter Religious Inspirution Gold Pushparaga Yellow Sapphire Yellow Topaz, Citrine Dhanu
Green Mercury Harmony Sympathy Gold Panna Emerald Peridot Green-Tourmaline Mithun
Yellow Mars Intellect Mental Gold Munga Red Coral Jasper Carnelion Mesha
Solar Plexus
Orange Moon Energy Astal / Emotional & Etheric Silver Mukta Natural Pearl Moon Stone Karka
Spleen/ Sex
Red Sun Physical Life Gold Manikya Ruby Red Turamaline
Red Spinel
Root / Spine / Base
Ultra Violet Rahu - Silver Gomeda Garnet
Orange Zircon - -
Infra Red Ketu - Gold Vaidurya Cat's Eye Cat's Eye Tourmaline - -

Use of Gems Colour (Cosmic Colour & his Gems)

Cosmic Colour and Desease

Gems (Therapy) and Astrology is co-related. in study of Aurveda & Homeopathy study of astrology is very important. Gem stone therapy should not be deemed the practice of medicine and should not be viewed as a substitute for consultations with your physician or other health care professionally, which please note. Gem Therapy is simple in application and with out risk.

Some Alternative Gems (Secondary) & Their uses:

Amethyst: Amethyst is the ray of spiritual Mastery. This vitalises man's spiritual nature with life giving power and animates and expands the soul consciousness. This stone is particularly used to cure gout. It was also useful in getting good sleep or pleasant dreams.

Green Ray: The key note of our planet and colour of nature. The green radiance is essential to our health and happiness. It is the colour of balance and harmony. Green opens and enlightens the mind and spirit with Wisdom (Yellow Ray) and Truth (Blue Ray), which are the components of green. The fulfillment or completion of the Green rays in its subjective aspect is the man of balanced Mind & the man of peace and Harmony, Sympathy and Generosity

Amber: Arabs used the powdered Amber to prevent miscarriage; and also used it as a medicine for boils, carbuncles, ulcers etc. Epistaxix was treated by putting the Amber in side the nose. For treating Gaitre, the stone was tied round the neck. Burnt Amber ash useful for woman in labour pains and easy delivery. In very hot countries people used to keep the Amber in hand to cool their body.

Brown Agate: Fakirs always use a necklace of this stones Muslims consider this stone very sacred. In ancient times this stone very used for stopping excessive bleeding in women during periods. Personally I have found this stone very sensitive for dowsing

Carnelion Or Blood Stone: Used mostly for Haemorrhuges from different parts of the body, Acne, & Ulcers.

Crystal: Crystal was used in ancient times to reduce glandular swelling and to cure eye diseases like glaucoma, conjunctivitis. It was also supposed to strenghten the heart. Personally I have found that a necklace of crystals when warn brings down high temperature and cools the body.

Garnet: Garnet is useful to cure Eczema, Psoriasis and other skin affections.

A list of some common elements and the gems that might be useful in them is given below. Gems do provide only a helping hand and are not a complete cure in themselves. Regular research has given good positive results; hence some diseases to be cured through the help of gems cosmic rays are given:

  • Acidity, Digestive disorder, High Blood Pressure - Emerald Gem.
  • Common cold, constipation, Bronchitis - Red Corol.
  • Insomania - Moon Stone.
  • Piles - Red Coral & Pearl.
  • Asthma - Blue sapphire.
  • Gout (Rheumatism) - Red coral & Amethyst.
  • Heart disease - Ruby.

Vayu, Pitta & Kapha are the three-fold forces of Harmony, energy and Inertia inherent in every living cell. This three Doshas (TRIDOSHA) are related as under:

Doshas Gunas Forces Elemnets Combination
Vayu Sattva Harmony Akash(Ether) And   Air neutrul
Pitta Rajas Energy Fire Negative
Kapha Tamas Inertia Water & Earth Positive
Elements Rudiment Faculty Sense Organ Cosmic Colour
Akash (Ether) Space Sound / Hearing Ears Blue
Air Touch Skin Violet
Fire Form / Sight Eyes Red
Water Taste Tongue Orange
Earth Smell Nose Green
Elements Zodiac Signs (Sayan - Sun Sign)* (Niryan - Moon Sing)
Fire Aries* Mesha Leo*Simha Sagittarious*
Earth Taurus*Vrishabh Virgo*Kanya Capricon*
Air Gemini*Mithun Libra*Tula Aquarious*
Water Cancer*Karka Scorpio*Vrischika Pisces*

Colours revealed by the Prism:

The cavities of the human heart including

  • Ears will appear Blue through the prism, Blue is therefore the colour of Akash (Ether) with its Sound rudiment.
  • The Skin of the human body surveyed through a prism will appear Violet, and therefore violet is the colour of the element of Air with its Touch rudiment.
  • The Eyes will show Red rings around them and therefore Red is the colour of Fire/Sight with its form rudiment.
  • The Tongue will show the Orange, colour, and therefore the orange colour is that of the element of Water with its Taste rudiment.
  • The Nose Tip will show the Green colour through the prism, and therefore the Green colour is that of the element of Earth with its Smell rudiment.

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